Who We Are

TEACH – Time to Empower Africa's Children is a dynamic, frontline charity working to alleviate poverty through the power of education. We provide innovative and holistic educational programmes which place the power to change firmly in young people's hands. Sustainability is at the heart of TEACH's work – which is why we believe a hand up is more effective than a hand out.

TEACH are committed to empowering the next generation of youth leaders in both Africa and the UK. Our field projects in Tanzania and Ghana focus on fuelling internally-driven change through local change-makers. We work with rural youth to equip and empower them with the relevant skills, knowledge and mentorship to identify & tackle the challenges in their immediate surroundings, uplifting themselves and their community.

Whilst we aim to empower young Africans, we also believe that it is imperative for the youth in the UK to become engaged with today's pressing global development issues. We work with schools and universities across the UK promoting interactive learning amongst young people, with the aim of developing attributes of responsible, global citizens!

Special thanks to Signfirm for providing us with free TEACH banners.

Project Jicho

A participatory photography project where TEACH worked with local school children in Moshi to provide them with a platform to tell their own story.

Social Enterprise - Kauli

Alleviating Poverty Through the Power of Education - A Registered Charity in the UK - 1137679; Tanzania - 96105 and Ghana - CG005882012